Red Herringbone Flannel Premium Suit

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A stunning flannel suit that is a holiday statement when worn together or versatile pieces when worn separately. 


Design: Notch Lapel

Fabric Composition: 100% Flannel Wool from Italian Mill Angelico

Lining: Deep Red Paisley

Fit: Slim but Not Skinny 

Half Canvas Construction: molds to your body over time, stands up better to wear and dry cleaning

Read this first + thank us later:

These suits are meant to be tailored to fit you after you receive. When you order online you'll need to find your own tailor, we don't alter online orders, just suits purchased in our stores.

The pants come unhemmed at the bottom so they can easily be hemmed by your own tailor to exactly the right length. You will at least need that simple alteration from your tailor if ordering online.

If you’ve purchased a suit from us before, we can use the measurements we have on file to have this suit altered for you — no need to stop back in to have it fitted. To "Clone" the fit of your old suit, fill out this quick form instead of ordering online! We promise it’s easier!

Red Herringbone Flannel Premium Coat

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Red Herringbone Flannel Premium Pants

$ 250.00

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