This is probably the most frequently asked question we get here at Pursuit. And the answer is simple, and yet complex –– it’s totally up to you!

Ultra Fitted

Our most aggressive fit. The suit hugs your body as closely as possible while still being functional. Typically this means an exaggerated curve through waistline of the jacket and a pant with a very narrow foot opening that just barely grazes the top shoe. It isn't for everyone, but if you're the skinny jean type, this might be for you.


The Pursuit signature fit. The suit follows the natural shape of your body with enough ease (aka breathing room) to move freely. The hallmarks are a hint of daylight showing through on the sides of the coat waist and a pant that narrows down the leg and rests gently on the shoelaces for a small "break". This is approapriate for most all settings and is flattering on most all body types.


A slighlty roomier fit that prioritizes comfort along with style. Typically this means a little extra space in the waistline of the coat, a little more space in the sleeves, and a pant the only slightly tapers down the leg before resting with the full break on the shoelaces.


For the customer wanting a more traditional look. This fit is roomier everywhere and typically is worn with the coat longer than our other fits and more pants resting on the shoe.

You can’t really just go by the label on a suit.

Pursuit Tailored Suits are made to be altered (aka Tailored) to fit. All pants will need to be hemmed unless otherwise noted. The idea is that tailoring a suit to fit is what truly makes it yours. If you've ever rented, you know what we mean, because you experienced a fit without the tailoring—one of the many reasons we don't do rentals.

Keep in mind all brands and fits are different and you should not simply equate the way your suit will fit with the label. The finished fit is a combination of how you're built, how our suits fit you, and how you want the suit to fit when we're done.

Alterations Information

These suits are meant to be tailored to fit you after you receive. When you order online you'll need to find your own tailor, we don't alter online orders, just suits purchased in our stores.

The pants come unhemmed at the bottom so they can easily be hemmed by your own tailor to exactly the right length. You will at least need that simple alteration from your tailor if ordering online. See below for local Columbus tailors we recommend.

Local Tailors We Recommend