• Size Inclusive
  • Gender Inclusive
  • Race + Ethnicity Inclusive
  • Style Inclusive
  • Age Inclusive

Size Inclusive

We offer 64 jacket sizes & 23 pant sizes in multiple fits to allow for an excellent finished product in our Tailored Suit Collection. We stock sizes as small as 34 Short (Extra Small) and and as large as 64 Regular (5XL). Coats are available in three lengths in most sizes (Short, Regular, and Long) and Extra-Long lengths in 5 sizes in a limited set of styles. They can even be sold as seperates! In short, we can achieve a great fit for most everyone in our Pursuit Tailored Suits with minimal alterations.

Our custom suiting expands this offering even further into a premium product line with an even larger range of size and fit possiblities.

Sizes are just the start. Our unique Pursuit Fit System is an innovative approach to getting nearly everyone a great fit on the first try with expert alterations of a custom made garment!

Gender Inclusive

We take pride in being the best place for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations to feel comfortable and welcome. We serve wedding couples in all gender pairings–hetero weddings, gay weddings, lesbian weddings, and non-binary weddings. We aim to center the experience around you, no matter who you are or who you marry.

We have honed our fit systems to allow us to not just make everyone feel welcome but to make sure their suits fit great! The majority our Pursuit Tailored Suits are based on a masculine fit patterns (in industry speak) although we sell them to women and non-binary customers wanting a menswear look all the time. We also now stock an assortment of Pursuit Feminine Cut Suits for those wanting a more traditional womenswear cut.

Our Pursuit Custom Suits offer a masculine or feminine cut options and since we cut the pattern for you, we can offer a superior fit. With all these options we find we can serve an extremely gender diverse audience really well.

Race + Ethnicity Inclusive

From day one, Pursuit has served customers from all races and ethnicities. When you see models on our site, they are real Pursuit customers or members of our team.

Style Inclusive

Whether you have never bought a suit or you’ve been a GQ subscriber for years, we are your place. One of the pillars of our brand is to be approachable to all and we will meet you wherever your style and suit knowledge is today–at the end you’ll know more and feel more confident, even if you don't consider yourself a suit person.

Age Inclusive

Our tagline may be “suiting the next generation”, but don’t let that throw you off. We have fit customers as young as 11 and as old as 96. You are welcome here.

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