[Good] Intentions Gift Card

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Our intention in the new year is to have a greater impact in our community and your intention is to get a suit. For a limited time the purchase of this specific gift card will contribute additional donation outfits from Pursuit to people in need through community partner organizations. No extra cost to you but more good done in our community.

Keep in mind the amounts below represent estimated product costs and are subject to change over time. Often customers will choose to spend more to tailor their suits.

Be sure to click the denomination dropdown to see the escalating impact of your purchase. Here's how the donated outfit match works...

Standard Suit: $498 - Current Price of a Standard Suit - 1 Outfit Donated 
Premium Suit: $798 - Opening Price of a Premium Suit - 2 Outfits Donated
Custom Suit: $998 - Opening Price of a Custom Suit - 3 Outfits Donated
Luxury Suit: $1648- Opening Price of a Luxury Fabric Custom Suit - 5 Outfits Donated

We will match your purchase with an additional outfit donation as outlined above up to 100 matched outfits. That match total will be added to the 100 outfits already pledged by Pursuit for a maximum of 200 donated outfits.

[Extended] Deadline to Purchase is Sunday 1/21/24 at 11:59pm