[Good] Intentions Donation

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We've been moved by the number of you who have reached out wanting to simply make a financial donation to the [Good] Intentions Program but were not looking to participate in our Gift Card Program, so we've created a lower cost way to simply contribute. 

As a reminder, we started this by pledging to donate 100 Outfits in 2024 to people in need and offered to match up to 100 more based on [Good] Intentions Gift Card sales. We had not planned on direct donations but since so many asked and those donations do not require us to also issue you a gift card, the money can go further--so for every $250 in donations received we will donate one full additional outfit but any contribution is much appreciated. This will end at the end of the day Sunday 1/21.

This is a donation only, you will not receive a gift card this is not a charitable contribution according to your accountant and the IRS since we are not a non-profit. This is just for the ultra generous friends of Pursuit who would like to help financial support our effort to outfit those in need.

Thank you so much for helping us with this new program! 
Nate & The Pursuit Team