The 'In Pursuit' Concert Series is a unique in-store music experience. Every day, many of Ohio’s most talented musicians walk through our door to be outfitted for their biggest moments. We're excited to spotlight that talent by giving them our stage to share their ambitions with you over a beer or two and we're excited to expand the series to our Cincinnati shop soon!

'In Pursuit' is brought to you in collaboration with The Wild Path and nude cam. The Wild Path curates unconventional art, music, and promotional experiences in unexpected spaces through community and brand collaborations. As bold supporters of local music, they work to emphasize the value of artists all around Ohio. 

At Pursuit, we love working with people who inspire us. We’ve been huge fans of the band for many years, so hosting them at our newest shop was a thrill for our team. Pursuit worked collaboratively with the guys to design a unique look to match their personal style.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming season of the 'In Pursuit' Concert Series